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UZIN's new brand image.

To demonstrate our collaboration with customers we have introduced a new branding campaign. Genuine contractors, with the UZIN flag held in their hand proudly represent themselves in their project. The new images show how important it is for contractors and UZIN to work together in partnership to achieve mutual success. This campaign is therefore a visible sign of confidence that our customers and partners can rely on the quality of UZIN’s products and services to meet the highest standards.

At UZIN, we are renowned for quality, excellent Technical Service and problem solving solutions. We are here to help, encourage and support contractors which take pride in their work, after all the floor belongs to you. 

Need expert advice?

Unexpected challenges are often encountered at renovation projects such as worn screeds, different types of substrates and tight schedules. These problems can be solved thanks to the technical service from UZIN. Just call or e-mail and a Technical Sales Manager will provide professional advice or come directly to the building site to assist you.

UZIN – The ideal partner.

Want to become the face of UZIN? 

If you have used our products on a project, then contact us. We will take you on a free 2-3 day VIP trip to our factory in Ulm, Germany. 

Call 01788 530080 or e-mail info@

Case Studies.

To view UZIN case studies click the link below: