Save time and money with switchTec® 

switchTec® is the new, fast and clean technology for installing floor coverings, which saves both time and money!


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Cube It Simple 

The new cardboard packaging is an alternative to plastic bottles and is considerably better for the environment.


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Your Floor. Our Promise.

Support & consultation for architects.

It takes a high degree of effort and creativity to fulfil the vision you have given your clients. It requires attention to detail and an uncompromising requirement for solutions to issues that your projects demand. In recent years flooring installations can be compromised with cheap and low quality subfloor products which can affect the durability and appearance of the floor covering.

At UZIN, we promise our product systems are of the highest quality and are also safe for the environment. We promise to be there for you, offering you the highest level of technical support. Architects and their clients are increasingly searching for system solutions that streamline their work and offer additional security. UZIN promise to provide solutions and specifications based on your requirements.


RIBA CPD Seminar

UZIN are part of the RIBA CPD network and are able to provide free CPD seminars.