Our Vision

The Uzin Utz Group is an international market leader in the flooring industry. Our aim is to advocate innovative, quality and ecological products for the installation, finishing and maintenance of floors.

Our Mission

Our strength is to provide professional service to the specifier, decision maker, flooring industry, contractor, tradesman and end user concerning the floor.
This high level of flooring competence will be achieved by advise, innovative product and system solutions and by our high quality branded products used under and on top of floor coverings.

We are offering this actively in all European markets, the USA and in China as well as in other interesting export markets. As a sustainable company we are fully aware of our important role in the society and the economic environment. Our first priority is a trustful, fair and lasting relationship with our committed customers and satisfied stakeholders.

Our people are the most important success factor. Attractive working conditions with corresponding freedom for decision-making for our committed employees, assure motivated and multifunctional teams in order to achieve demanding objectives.

The economical use of resources and environmental impact are an important part of our products and services as is the health and the security of the installer and end user.

We act on our own initiative at all levels as responsible entrepreneurs, are consequent in the follow up of our targets. We are profit oriented and therefore assure growth and financial independence, whilst respecting our stated values.

Our values

  • Responsibility. We are responsible for our actions. This responsibility includes everything and everyone effected by the activities of our company -  customers, suppliers, employees, shareholders and also institutions, competitors, the environment and society at large.
  • Commitment. With positive energy we take the initiative to actively tap new potentials, tackle new challenges and explore new paths in a determined fashion. The relationships with our clients, business partners and colleagues will be supported by this infectious optimism – far beyond the normal day-to-day business.
  • Partnership. The desire and ability to collaborate in a constructive way will benefit all our internal and external processes across all interfaces and characterise the working atmosphere in  our company. Our actions are based on fairness and team spirit.
  • Openness. We are open to industry- specific trends, developments and innovations. By offering the freedom for creative development, we create a situation in which our company is propelled forward by new ideas and continuous improvement.
  • Sincerity. Straightforward communication  is the foundation of our mutual understanding and credibility, both within the group and externally.
  • Loyalty. Loyalty expresses the mutual relationship that exists between our company and our employees.  Mutual respect, integrity and trust are the cornerstones on which we base long-term , performance-oriented working relationships.

By continually living out our values and ideas, we create a trusting basis and the loyal and stable solidarity of all our employees worldwide.