What is switchTec® adhesive technology?

With switchTec® it is now possible to renovate floors without causing unnecessary disturbances or closing businesses. Floor coverings can be replaced quickly, quietly and cleanly, then years later can be removed without leaving any residues. switchTec® is designed to meet the needs of clients and can be used discretely so that normal business hours are not disrupted during installation and future removal. The tape adhesives enables floor coverings to be replaced almost anywhere from shops, offices to hospitals and homes.

Sigan: the latest generation of switchTec adhesive technology

With Sigan, floor coverings can be installed quickly and easily. Sigan is guaranteed to leave no residue when removed.  The patented product innovation sets new standards in flooring technology, for installing resilient floor coverings and carpets.

An adhesive is applied to a carrier (film, net or webbing), is dried and is wound onto rolls. All switchTec adhesive technology products are self-adhesive and pressure-sensitive. They fulfil the various applications in flooring technology as an alternative to liquid adhesives. By rubbing down on the carrier material, the maximum adhesion power is achieved.

How does Sigan® work?

A micro-perforated polyethylene film is coated on both sides in the factory using different dispersion adhesives. The adhesive strengths are matched to various substrate types. Therefore, the later removal with no residues can be guaranteed.