Production and Development

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SIFLOOR AG, with its Head Offices in Sursee in central Switzerland, develops and produces high quality and environmentally protective dry adhesives for the floor coverings industry.

Within the internationally active group of companies, Uzin Utz AG, we are autonomous and follow a clear strategy for the future.

For over 20 years, SIFLOOR AG has been a specialist in high-performance dry adhesives. Thorugh our innovative switchTec products, we have made a decisive impact on the development of flooring technology.
And so the patented Sigan high-performance adhesives, that guarantee residue-free removal, set new standards in the bonding of floor coverings.

In addition, as specialists, we also offer innovative solutions for the bonding of stair coverings, coved skirtings and carpet skirtings.

Ecology, healthy living and working are, for us, a real concern. All switchTec products are odourless and guaranteed free from solvents, resins and plasticisers.

Research and Development

Leaders in research and Development

Tried and tested, innovative products using the latest technology. The Technical Division and the Laboratory form a successful development team. Chemists make prototypes according to need. Technicians test them in practice. We continually test our products in system with the proposed substrates and floor coverings.


Quality through own production

The most stringent quality controls from raw materials to end product. Unlike the competitors, we produce all our products ourselves. Therefore, we know what they do and do not contain: nothing toxic for the user or for the room. Quality is our top priority! 


Future-oriented co-operation

A close working relationship with leading floor covering manufacturers, leading authorities and institutes. Through co-operative product development and continual testing of coverings, we guarantee system reliability for both user and installer. We put the use by the consumer at the centre-point and develop around it with circles of experts the dry adhesive as a bonding technology in accordance with all the general and recognised trade regulations.