Why UZIN L3 Gold?

Harder. Better. Faster. Stronger.

UZIN L3 Gold is no ordinary bag & bottle smoothing compound as it provides superior performance.


High compressive strength of 25 N and flexural strength of 7 N makes it one of the stronger bag & bottle smoothing compounds on the market. Yet with its low stress formulation, can still be used to go over old waterproof adhesive residues.


Ammonia and latex free makes it ideal for use in sensitive environments such as schools and hospitals. Recyclable packaging makes it much better for the environment.


Extremely rapid drying, most floorcoverings can be bonded within 2 hours, the quickest bag & bottle product on the market!


The high compressive and flexural strength provides a more durable surface for floor coverings compared to lower strength bag & bottle products.








It also has the same and even more benefits than a normal bag & bottle product:

  • It can be used without a primer in most cases
  • Can be used under and over a DPM
  • Can go over old, sound, waterproof adhesive residues, even Bitumen if well bonded to the substrate.
  • Flows like a water mix.
  • Is also part of the UZIN loyalty scheme, click the below link for more information.