UZIN NC 182 - Rapid Repair

For a variety of repair work, UZIN NC 182 multi-purpose repair mortar is ideal. It can be used for any repair work and because it is low slump can be used for stair repairs. It is also dries exceptionally quickly even at low temperatures.

• Low slump and easy to rub down

• For all common repair work such as filling holes and surface damage

• Quick drying, set to foot traffic within 25 minutes*

• Can be used for any thickness requirement

UZIN NC 888 - Feather Coat

UZIN NC 888 is an extremely smooth and rapid setting feather coat which dries within 15 minutes. It provides excellent adhesion on a wide range of substrates and is delivered in robust foil packaging for durability.

• Dries within 15 minutes!*

• Extremely smooth, from a feather edge up to 4 mm

• Two bags delivered in a plastic bucket for mixing powder

• Can be used on old waterproof adhesive residues without priming*

*See Product data sheets for more information.


Both products are part of the UZIN loyalty scheme, click the below link for more information.