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switchTec® is the new, fast and clean technology for installing floor coverings, which saves both time and money!


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Quick, clean & safe installation of skirting, coving and capping with UZIN U-Tack Skirting Board Tape!

UZIN U-Tack: The Multi-Purpose Skirting Tape

U-Tack from UZIN provides a superior method of installing skirting, coving and capping compared to hot-melt gluing, nailing or bonding with solvent-based adhesives. The double-sided multi-purpose skirting board tape allows you to install skirting and floor covering strips easily, quickly, cleanly and is solvent free!

UZIN U-Tack skirting board tape does not become brittle, providing a secure and extremely durable bond. UZIN U-Tack is suitable for textile flooring, vinyl and linoleum floor covering strips, flexible skirting and cove formers, so is the perfect solution for the installation of skirting, coving and capping. It can also be used for aluminium skirting and solid-core skirting. UZIN U-Tack is suitable for different wall constructions and is available in 25 mm, 40 mm, 50 mm & 85 mm widths.

Safer installation

UZIN U-Tack is simply safer. Thanks to the solvent-free nature, there are no explosion or health risks for the installer or residents during application compared to solvent-based adhesives.


Quicker installation

UZIN U-Tack is simply fast. Compared to some contact adhesives, bonding skirting is 3 to 5 times as fast.  


Cleaner installation

UZIN U-Tack is simply clean. Unlike solvent based adhesives, the double-sided universal adhesive tape does not leave any residues and streaks on the floor or wall.


Professional installation

UZIN U-Tack is simply professional. Thanks to the invisible bond with the transparent tape the skirting does not have any visual drawbacks, such as when nailing. It also provides a strong bond for confident installation.